Titus 2:11-13

"For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men, instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14th: A Day of Rejoicing

Today marks the two-year anniversary of my miscarriage of the baby we named Ande Lynn.  As anyone who has ever suffered the loss of a baby knows, the emotional and physical pain of miscarriage is very real and very deep.  God has, however, brought healing to our hearts through time and through His promises; and He has brought me to a point where I can now rejoice rather than mourn on this day of remembrance.  I rejoice because Ande is already with the Lord, and I rejoice because I have the hope of one day joining him/her there.

Because this day, July 14th, has become to us a day of rejoicing--and because it will always be a special day in our hearts--we have decided to use it in a way that reflects the hope that we have in Jesus.  Recently, Travis and I felt led to sponsor a child through Gospel For Asia's Bridge of Hope program, a program that gives poor boys and girls throughout South Asia an education, daily meals, and medical checkups in a Christian environment.  Through this, children (and their families) are not only introduced to Jesus, but they are also given a way out of the poverty and bondage that the Hindu caste system otherwise enslaves them to.  Since GFA's Bridge of Hope page has a "search by birthday" feature, we decided to use July 14th as our means of selecting a child to sponsor.

So, today is not only the anniversary of a loss.  It is also a sweet Indian girl's 11th birthday!  Happy birthday to Ramya!  We have not yet had any correspondence with her, but we pray for her regularly; and we hope that she will (or does) know the love of Jesus which clothes us, feeds us, and sets us free!

To God be the glory both now and forevermore!


September said...

To God be the Glory!! The loss of our babies is something that will forever be in our hearts - your choice to use ot for His Honor and glory will bring much fruit. The Bible tells us so..
your life is a great testimony Angela.. I am honored to know you!
Thank you for sharing this day and Ande with is.
We love you.

Travis said...

I'm so thankful for the goodness of God's work in our lives, he never leaves us disappointed.

Katrina said...

Hello Angela,

First let me say that you have a beautiful family!

My name is Katrina, and July 14th is my birthday. This year I turned 41.

I am the mother of ten children. Nine are living here with me, and one (#10) is in Heaven. We were due to meet that child on Christmas Day 2010, but the Lord had other plans. Instead, we said hello and good-bye to our baby on the same day, June 8th, when I was just 11 weeks pregnant. Oh, what a horribly sad day that was for my husband and I. The depth of sadness is so hard to explain -- except to those who have been there themselves. I, like you, wanted to avoid a D & C and chose to have the baby at home. Afterall, our last 3 children were born at home, so we felt this one deserved to be, too. It was emotionally difficult, but the Lord was with me during the process and gave me peace. Such incredible peace.

I'm sorry you lost your sweet little one two years ago on this day. I know how that feels. I know how you'll always wonder just who that little one was; a boy or a girl? daddy's eyes or mine? a piano player or a soccer player? or both! We will always miss our little one. We will go on in life, we will have joy and happiness, but a part of our heart will always be missing. A part of our heart went with our baby that day. I believe that with each of our children, our souls are connected. And nothing, not even death, can break that connection of souls between mother and child. I feel that connection with the baby I lost. I know I will be with my baby one day, in Heaven, and it will be as if we never parted.

I think it's wonderful how you've made this day into something so special through the Bridge of Hope program. Selecing a child to sponsor who has the birthday of July 14th was such an awesome idea. Happy 11th birthday, Ramya!

Well, I just wanted to say hello and to tell you that I really admire you. It's nice to see someone who is two years ahead of me in the healing after a miscarriage who is doing so well. It gives me hope. It's all still so fresh for me. My healing has only just begun.

You can read about my experience on my blog: www.mommyninetimes.blogspot.com
under the title: miscarriage

God bless you and your family,
Katrina in CA

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