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"For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men, instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus."

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cleaning: A New and Improved Routine

Being that I haven't blogged in so long, there is plenty I could write about today.  However, I have to choose for this post that which I can't get off my mind:  cleaning!

Not just any cleaning, though.  It's cleaning with Norwex that is crowding my thoughts--and has been for the past few weeks.

At our Lighthouse (the name given to our church's small groups) meeting earlier this week, the group leader commented that sometimes, when lacking spiritual fervor, we need to do something new that breaks us out of our lackluster routine.  Not at all to demean the truth of what he meant for a spiritual application, I was pondering my new found excitement for cleaning and realized that his statement could likewise apply to any routine... even cleaning.

I wouldn't say that I don't like to clean, but I think it would be a stretch to say that I've ever gotten excited about cleaning (until now...).  It's just one of those things that you have to do, and you do it joyfully because you are thankful that you have a home to care for.  That has been my attitude, anyway.  You develop a routine that maximizes your efficiency, and that's just what you do... often without giving it any further thought.

That was true of me until a couple months ago.  I had a certain cleaning schedule, certain cleaning methods, and certain cleaning products that together made up my cleaning routine.  It was working for me... I guess... and so I didn't really consider making any changes to it.  That was until I started learning about a company called Norwex and the great products they have to offer.  The more I learned about how Norwex reduces the use of chemicals in cleaning, the more I questioned my use of chemicals in cleaning.  As I learned that with Norwex I could save time and money while at the same time creating a cleaner and safer environment in my home, I began to question just how clean and safe my current home environment really was.  I started wondering just how much bacteria I was both breeding and redistributing with the wash cloths, towels, sponges, etc., that I had been using; and I wondered just what unknown effects my various cleaning chemicals might be having on our bodies.

My learning and questioning resulted in some quick conclusions for me.  I wanted to not just revamp my cleaning routine, but to make it better.  And I wanted to do that with Norwex.  My "Norwex Wish List" grew rather large in a hurry, and having been told of the unmatched hostess benefits offered by Norwex, I decided that the most economical way for me to get started with their products was to host a party.

That is just what I did a couple weeks ago, and having just received all my new cleaning supplies yesterday, my new and improved cleaning routine begins--with excitement, I might add--today!

I'm excited to be excited about something as humdrum as cleaning.  I realize that the excitement will probably wear off as the newness does, but I believe the reassurance that I have made a change for the better of my family will only grow with time.

My new Norwex supplies, most of which I received free through the Hosting program (and all of which I will use)!


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