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Friday, November 14, 2008

11/14/08 OB Appointment

Today I had what was supposed to be my first OB appointment of this pregnancy.  (Because I was having some spotting last week, I was called in last Friday for an ultrasound which showed us not one but two healthy babies!  But, even though everything looked great last Friday, I had to keep today's appointment in order to get the "full OB workup," as they call it.)

The doctor we met with today is new to the practice since my last pregnancy and was therefore new to me.  Because my first pregnancy unexpectedly ended in a cesearn, the topic of repeat ceserean vs. VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Ceserean) is always up for discussion.  Although I was told by one of the doctors in the practice last week that a VBAC delivery of twins may certainly be a possibility for me--especially since I've already had a successful VBAC--the doctor we met today showed no glimmer of hope for a VBAC because "the College doesn't recommend it for twins."  I gently spoke with him about last week's discussion with the other doctor, but he didn't seem like he will be easily persuaded to even let me try.  Needless to say, I was super disappointed by his by-the-book attitude and expressly told him that I would be extremely disappointed if I wasn't at least given a chance at laboring.  Besides the fact that he was very pessimistic about my having a vaginal delivery, he was so rough when doing the pelvic exam.  Those metal things are never comfortable anyway, and especially for me whose cervix is tilted way back, but they are especially painful when rammed in at the wrong angle.  When I squirmed away with an "Ouch!" he coldly responded, "You shouldn't be that tender.  Are you always that tender?"  I'd like to know how "tender" he would be when undergoing the same procedure done by himself....

Anyway, I'm sure you can tell by my tone that I am slightly discouraged and maybe even a bit angered by today's experience with this doctor.  I guess now my prayers must get even more specific as I ask God to do the specific things that must happen in order for the (seven) doctors to collaberatively agree to let me have a trial of labor.

On a better note, we were privileged to have another ultrasound today and were able to again hear our babies' heartbeats (183 bpm and 178 bpm) and even to see them both wiggling around.  Since I've never had two back-to-back ultrasounds so early on in a pregnancy, I was amazed to see the changes that have occured in only seven days time.  The babies who looked like elongated blobs last week today had distinguishable stubs for arms and legs (which were already being exercised!).  How in the world can anyone believe that there is no Creator God or that life doesn't begin at conception?  What amazing miracles are taking place in my womb.  I feel so blessed to be a part of it.

My next appointment is scheduled for December 12th with my favorite doctor--the one who delivered my VBAC baby and who saw me through my recent miscarriage--and I look forward to hearing his opinion on giving me (or at least considering giving me) a trial of labor with these twins.  I suspect that in the meantime the doctors may be discussing my case; so pray, pray, pray I will!  May God grant the doctors wisdom, and may He also safely grant my request for a successful and natural birth of my babies!


Jessica Pennings said...

Aww, Angela I'm so sorry this doctor was so rude and impersonal! I'll be praying for you that they would set their books aside and listen to your heart. I'm not sure if you know Tammy Watkins from our church but you may want to talk to her about her thoughts on all this, she is a doula. She might have some pointers to help you with the doctors. Praise God thought for the two little miracles he has LIVING in you.

Elizabeth said...

This post made me so sad for you! (This is Melissa's sister by the way) I'm a big fan of natural childbirth and I am so hopeful that you can have your twins the way you would like to. I thought you might find this video encouraging!


Angela said...

Thanks for your comments, Jess and Elizabeth and others who left comments elsewhere. I appreciate your support! Elizabeth, that is a very encouraging video. Thanks for sharing it!

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