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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The "A" Team

Over the past several months, as Amariah has gotten old enough to effectively tag along with Abel, the two of them have become the best of friends.  Sure, they still pick on each other as siblings do (and usually it is little Amariah playing the role of antagonist), but lately more of their time is spent working together than otherwise. Thus, Travis and I have started referring to them as The "A" Team.

The teamwork all started (at least noticeably so) one day shortly after Christmas when I decided to dress them in like sweatshirts which had been a gift from their great-grandparents.  Something about the uniformity of their clothing that day seemed to really bring them together and all day, without pause for foul or penalty or timeout, they were playing on the same team.

Since that day, the teamwork has continued both on and off the court--though sometimes enacted in opposition to the coach's call (like last night when together they took off mindlessly running around a bedding display in Bed Bath & Beyond)--and has brought much joy to my heart.  Some recent snapshots from their playbook include (and I wish I had pictures for all of them...)

Play #1:  Abel loves to help his Sissy go up and down the stairs... and she loves to let him.
Play #2:  I often find Abel distributing snacks to himself and Amariah since she isn't quite capable of getting her own.
Play #3:  Amariah loves books... and Abel loves to read them to her.
Play #4:  When Abel and Amariah wake up in the mornings, they always wait for each other and come into Mommy and Daddy's room together (often with Abel helping to carry whatever doll or blanket it is that Amariah has "chosen" for the day).
Play #5:  When the paper comes on Wednesday mornings, Abel usually gets the privilege of running out to get it.  This morning he and Amariah dutifully fulfilled the task together, hand-in-hand.

And it was also this morning that I witnessed the game-winning play....

Abel was sitting on the couch when Amariah suddenly walked up to him and laid her head down between his legs.  As he put his hands on her head, I asked, "What is Sissy doing?"  Abel replied, "Sissy wants to get on my lap."  Right on cue, Amariah then crawled up onto the little space of couch in front of Abel's body and proceeded to lay her head on her big brother's shoulder.  As Abel lovingly wrapped his arms around her body and gently patted her on the back, I sat almost astounded at the genuine display of love between 2- and 1-year old brother and sister.

My little "A" Team.  They don't just work together.  They love each other.  And what a blessing that is to a coach's mother's heart.


Travis said...

I guess that makes you uniquely qualified to coach the "A" team! :-)

Stefanie and Elliot said...

That's so sweet. I have a feeling that Landen and Adellyn will be like that someday. They have about the same age difference as your kids...17 months to the day. He already loves to give her kisses and wants to pick her up when she is crying!

monica brooks said...

how precious you are present to observe and appreciate each special, heart-warming moment. isn't God's love extra-beautiful when shown thru our kids?! you have a great way of expressing your thoughts in writing. i can so easily "picture" the scene even w/out a photo. i like reading your "mommy stories". i keep a written log for my boys. these blogs will be great for your kids to read someday! i love building and preserving memories. you're doing a great job of that for your family.

Melissa Ulrickson said...

A team...I love it! How sweet.

Travis said...

I think you are in denial, "between 2- and 1-year old brother and sister."

Abel is almost three... :-)


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