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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Project: Get Practical!

I think I'm ready to simplify... or minimize... or maybe it's both!

Ever since we rearranged the kids' bedrooms, making one a bedroom for Abel and Amariah to share and the other a toy room (until the babies arrive), I have been a little worried about exactly how and where all Abel and Amariah's clothes and toys are going to fit when their things have to be truly consolidated into one room.  They both have a closet and a dresser full of clothes (some of which are things yet to be grown into), and the toy room is at practical capacity.  How am I going to fit two closets full of clothing into one closet; two dressers full of clothing into one dresser; and a room full of toys into a room where two toddler beds, a dresser, and some more toys are already consuming space?!

Well, the answer came during an encouraging and enlightening conversation with my mom yesterday: "You don't need so much stuff."  Seems pretty obvious now, but it didn't 24 hours ago!  It's not like I've spent a lot of money on clothing and toys.  Most of what the kids have has either been given to us (What a blessing!) or bought at garage sales at really good prices.  And being the practical spender that I am, I have purchased only what I felt was truly usable and beneficial.  But now I'm thinking, Why does Abel need five pairs of "good" jeans? Twenty t-shirts? A drawer full of pajamas? Five little red tractors? etc.  I think you get the point.

I can easily make the argument that toddlers go through an outfit a day, that each tractor is treasured, that it's nice to have a variety of "good" outfits to choose from, etc.  But, on the other hand, I do laundry twice a week; having five of basically the same toy seems a little excessive and unnecessary; and occasions calling for a "good" outfit don't happen every day in my household.  So...

I guess it's time for my next big "nesting" project:  get practical!  My family is growing, my space is not.  I'm kind of excited about simplifying and minimizing.  A few storage tubs, some time and determination, and away I go!


Jody said...

I did the combining about a year ago. All clothes that are too big are stored in labeled Rubbermaid containers. (I suppose that's all of them since you have new babies on the way...) Then we added an inexpensive shelving system to the closet the girls share, doubling space. We bought a single large dresser and the girls have bunk beds (which aren't bunked yet and take up practically the whole room) I've taken a lot of toys to the church and the girls haven't missed them.

Anonymous said...

We, too, share your sentiment. We have three in one room right now and have for quite awhile. While it takes some time to tame the "stuff" beast, it's so worth it! My girls love sleeping together and they treasure the toys they do have because they are the ones that they love anyway. As for clothes, every child gets two rubbermaid containers per year--one for fall/winter and one for spring/summer. Whatever doesn't fit in the tubs has to go. Then I label who is going to wear it next and in what year so it's easier to pick out of storage--I don't even have to open the bin up! Best of luck to you--decluttering and organizing is addictive!

Melissa Ulrickson said...

I keep singing a line from a Jungle Jams kids' song in my head..."The more stuff you have, the more stuff you have to have to take care of the stuff you have."

I'm loving this whole downsizing thing! I think you will too. :)

Angela said...

Thanks, ladies, for sharing some ideas! I have a hard time getting a vision for how to become organized, so your pointers are very helpful!

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