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Monday, March 23, 2009

03/20/09 OB Appointment

I can hardly believe I'm already 27 weeks through this pregnancy.  Friday was the first of my two-week-interval appointments.  Reaching that point always makes it feel like the end is drawing near, although I know I wouldn't be going so often already if it weren't for the fact that I'm having twins.  Still, there is something kind of fun and exciting about "getting" to go to the doctor more often.  I guess it contributes to the building anticipation of the imminent birth(s)!

The appointment went well and was pretty standard.  I've gained two pounds in the past two weeks (putting me at 25 pounds total), and my blood pressure was good as usual.  My 27-weeks pregnant uterus is now measuring 33 cm, and that drew a "You're not doing too bad!" from the doctor.  The babies' heart rates were 150 and 142, and the doctor agreed with my suspicion that Baby B has quite possibly joined Baby A in the head-down position.  (Unfortunately, we couldn't confirm this since the ultrasound machine was down; so I guess we'll find out for sure in a couple weeks when I have my next big ultrasound at the perinatologist's office.)  After the doctor had felt my abdomen and had said that it seemed like both babies might be head down, he went on to say, "That would be great if they are.  Then we could just let you go vaginally."  As he said that, he turned away and began walking back towards the desk where my chart lay.  My eyes met Travis' as we silently flashed huge smiles at each other.  About then the doctor looked down at my chart and said with eyes still cast downward, "Oh... but you had that c-section.  That's right.... Yeah, we won't let you VBAC with twins...."  In one glance at my chart my hopes that a mind-change had occurred were dashed.  I wanted to say so many things in that moment, but I chose instead to say nothing as the doctor and I continued to avoid eye contact with each other.  I sat quietly with a smile in my heart--and maybe even a hint of one on my lips--knowing only that my trust and hope is in the Lord and in His plans.

I also learned during my appointment that beginning at 32 weeks, I will be sent to the hospital before or after (I'm not sure which) each OB appointment to have the babies' heart rates monitored for 20-30 minutes.  To be honest, my feelings on this are a bit mixed.  I guess I'm thankful that a close eye will be kept on my babies so that action can be taken should a problem arise; but I pray that no misindications or faulty readings would result in any unnecessary or overzealous interventions.

Check back in two weeks for results from my 29-week OB appointment and ultrasound!  (And pray for me, if you think of it.  I had no choice but to schedule with the doctor who seemed upon our first meeting to be quite lacking in bedside manner....)


3 under 2 said...

Oh, those non-stress tests are a joy. I remember a few of them being stressful for me. Oh well. The boys were always fine, as well as Marketa. Be ready for them to maybe last a little longer--it can sometimes take a while to get both heartbeats and keep them on the monitor for the full 20 minutes. Especially if they are active.
Praying that the rest of your pregnancy goes great and that you make it close to 40 weeks.

Angela said...

Thanks for your prayers and for the heads up on the time thing! Boy, I need to start lining up some flexible babysitters NOW, don't I! :-)

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