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Monday, June 28, 2010

Kids Say, vol. 7

Abel:  "Amariah, guess what?  Our mommy works at home, and that's her office."


At some point, Abel decided that he doesn't like tomatoes.  Instead of forcing them on him, I have instead asked him to eat just one bite of whatever we're having with tomatoes, and then I let him eat the rest without tomatoes.  Suddenly, as I was beginning to prepare our tuna sandwich supper, Abel announces, "Mommy, I want lettuce and tomato on my sandwich!  Tomatoes are so good, right?!"

5 minutes later, holding his partially eaten sandwich:  "Mommy, the tomato is sticking out.  I don't want to see the tomato."

another 5 minutes later, chewing the final bite of his sandwich:  "Mommy!  This tomato is making me sad!..."

2 seconds later:  *gag*

Okay, so maybe he doesn't think tomatoes look and taste all that great just yet; but he made up his mind to eat tomato on his sandwich, and eat tomato on his sandwich he did!  That's my boy! :-)


Terry & Tammy said...

He's so funny. Tell him I'm proud of him and to keep trying the tomatoes!

Amy S. said...

When Carson entered the picky stage we did thumbs up or thumbs down after he tried a bite. It put the control back in his hands and he got to decide whether he liked it or not having trying something new. Good luck!

September said...

Dear Angela..
Thank you for your little messages on facebook! They are always at just the right moments too!
The Tomato story is adorable-- the things our children say are just priceless.. I love "my office" too... isn't it exciting that we have a big office and not just a cubicle! lol...
Blessings to you... btw- How did your bread with your maple syrup turn out?
I use Barley Malt in ours, and it is great- if you ever see it in the store and grab some.. I can send you the recipe.. it makes 7 loaves.
Love to you!

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