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Monday, August 23, 2010

Our First Day of Homeschooling

Today was an exciting day in the Squires household.  It was our first day of preschool!  The kids (and I!) have been excitedly awaiting this day for several weeks, and especially since "Box Day."

Our "Box Day"--the day our Sonlight curriculum arrived--was August 11th, and our excitement has only built since then.  The past week and half has seen Travis taking the kids shopping for school supplies, me getting our home organized and ready to homeschool, and the kids talking about school nearly every day.
Elliana enjoyed Box Day, too!

Unpacking our box full of new books!

Last night, we "celebrated" the beginning of school by taking the kids to the park and then out for frozen custard (Thanks for the idea, Melissa! :-)); and when we got home, Abel and Amariah laid out what they wanted to wear for their first day of school.
Abel and Amariah got everything ready for morning!

When the kids woke up this morning, they excitedly dressed themselves, threw on their new backpacks, and headed downstairs, ready to "go" to school; and after breakfast, that is just where we "went!"
Abel's First Day of Preschool

Amariah's First Day of Preschool

Abel kept calling me "Teacher.  I mean, Mommy," and was ready with all the answers.  Amariah, equally as excited to participate, had to remind Abel a few times that she wanted a turn at answering, too. :-)  While we read books, Isabel insisted on sitting on my lap, and Elliana insisted on pestering Amariah.  We moved from the couch to the bar when it was time for Language Arts, and with perfect timing, the babies simultaneously laid down for their morning naps.

Our first day of school work was complete after about 75 minutes, and then the kids went outside to play for a while.  When the came back in, Abel asked if he could "read" me a story and then proceeded to retell in astounding detail Dr. Seuss's Horton Hatches the Egg, a 53-page book (including pictures), from memory.  Not only was I impressed, I was also glad to be able to check off tomorrow's "Picture Book Narration" Language Arts assignment. :-)

In summary, I would say that our first day of homeschooling was a great success.  The kids had fun learning, I had fun teaching, and we ended the day already ahead of schedule!


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Michelle B. said...

So Cool Angela! I'm so excited to hear that you are homeschooling too! We have just decided to start this year using Sonlight as well...Madeline will be doing 1st grade and Christian will be doing some pre-K work. So exciting! Take care!

Michelle B.

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