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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Potty Training: The 3-Day Method

When I found out several months ago that a method existed for completely potty training a child in three days, I knew I would likely be using it for my twin daughters.  Any method that could guarantee I wouldn't have to relive the 18-month long nightmare that was Amariah's potty training would be worth a shot, I thought.   As it turns out, I was right.

There are at least a couple different 3-day potty training methods out there; but, I chose this one because it was the one for which I had heard personal testimonies.  I purchased the eBook, emailed the author with a few twins-specific questions, chose a start date after carefully studying my calendar, and began preparing myself for what I expected to be the toughest three days of my life.  (Okay, so maybe not THE toughest, but pretty intense nonetheless.)

As the author had warned me might be the case with training two children at once, three days was not quite enough to simultaneously potty train my girls.  Isabel was trained by the end of Day 6 and Elliana by the end of Day 8.  So, while it was indeed a longer process than the method's guaranteed three days, I feel that six or eight days is still astounding--especially after the overly long periods of time I spent potty training my first two children.

If you are looking for a method of quickly and effectively potty training your child, I would definitely recommend www.pottytrainingbasics.com.  The eBook was only $17, and with the purchase I got email support from the author (which was very helpful).


September said...

Even after many children... I am totally open to a new Potty Training method! Thanks Angela.... starting this week.. little girl needs to completely trained before baby arrives. :)

Mary Kaisand said...

Sounds great! It's encouraging to read because I was once a child care provider and it would've been nice if more parents were aware of this. Children are not potty trained if they still wear diapers or pull ups. Accidents from time to time are understandable, but daily.....not so much.

Amanda said...

Hi Angela,
You have a beautiful family and an amazing blog! I am a friend of Teri Selbher and she sent me your link on potty training. I have 20 1/2 month old twins (one boy and one girl) and I was wondering if you would mind sharing what advice the author gave to you about potty training twins. Also, if you have any additional advice having gone through it already. I am sooo looking forward to being diaper free!

Meg said...

What do you think is the earliest this can begin? Ella is 19 1/2 months, but is OBSESSED with poop, changing her diaper, and being part of flushing the toilet, etc. Would it be to early? I definitely want to try this when we do start, but I didn't know how long to wait...

Angela said...

Amanda--Will you please email me at travisangela.squires@gmail.com, and I will be happy to respond to your question!


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