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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Too Much "To Do"

I think I am beginning to experience the effects of having too much "To Do" on too little sleep.

I like to think that I have always been a fairly responsible and dependable person. But, lately, my behavior is calling that into question: I can't seem to remember anything! Okay, maybe anything is too all-inclusive of a word; but, nevertheless, my brain just doesn't seem to be functioning at optimum levels.

  • Ever since the twins have been born I have had a terrible time remembering to pay bills. The "grace period" has many times been my saving grace.
  • Last month I incurred a healthy overdue fine on the kids' library books because I simply got a wrong due date stuck in my head.
  • This past Sunday I was planning to pay a lady at church for a Bible study book I "bought" last month but had forgotten to pay for. This very lady sat beside me during the service... we visited a little after the service... and yet it wasn't until I was driving home from the service that I realized I had forgotten to give her my money. In fact, paying her had never even once crossed my mind.
  • Last night after putting the babies to bed I went to the store to buy diapers (which I had forgotten were running low until I used the last one) and to return a movie. Halfway to the store, I realized that I had forgotten to grab the movie.

In light of these few examples of my less than optimum brain function, you can understand why the running joke between my husband and me has been, "Maybe you should get a planner...."

All joking aside, though, it kind of distresses me that I have become so... so... irresponsible. My husband shouldn't have to remind me to pay the bills. The library shouldn't have to send me an overdue notice. The budget shouldn't have to allow for late fees. The more forgetful I become, the more I become less like the Proverbs 31 woman in whom the heart of her husband trusts (vs. 11). This isn't who I am. This isn't who I want to be.

I'm not necessarily claiming to be "overwhelmed"; and I'm neither desiring an "escape" from my responsibilities nor pleading for help with them. I guess I'm just simply expressing my realization that a change is in order.

Perhaps this forgetfulness is somewhat the cumulative effect of nine months of inadequate sleep. Or perhaps it's just the natural course of one person learning to effectively manage a growing "To Do" list.

Maybe someday I'll start getting more sleep. In the meantime, if I can remember to, I think I'll go buy that planner. :-)


Jenilee said...

Oh I can RELATE! My mind is always doing things like that... it's like crazy mommy syndrome or something. TOday, we went to the Y and I grabbed two DIFFERENT running shoes. What??

September said...

You need a nap - every day... wish I could sit with your children so you could fit that in.
I have to say, though, this is so normal for moms of little ones.. ( and big ones!)..
I am faulty of this every day myself.. it is mere survival some days to remember where we all are and what we are doing! lol
Hang in there.. I DO recommend that planner though,... that is my saving grace through a busy life as a mom... I keep everything written in there... color coded.. and keep it OPEN on my counter when I am home, and take it with me whenever I leave. Phone #'s and addy's too!
Thinking of you... glad you posted.

Amanda said...

Totally understand what you're going through! Sometimes, it's enough just to remember to look at the clock somedays or even get a shower in.
I know you have gmail, but do you use the google calendar? I have found it very helpful for me since my husband & I both are on the computer a lot. We both have our separate calendar, but share them so we know what's going on during the week. You can also set it up to send you reminders (if needed).
I read this thing on a blog & have been meaning to start doing it (looks really helpful to take things day by day!) ;)
Check out this website:

Camille said...

Oh...I keep reading and reading! you precious girl!! I jokingly say that my planner is where my brain lives! Get yourself one with BIG slots in it...like the one for college students. I write in things like this ~ purchase card for so and so's birthday, or pay the ___ bill, etc...I check it day by day and it is WONDERFUL!! It is not a sign of anything other than you have lots on your plate! :)


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